May 25, 2024

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Zelensky appeals to the Russian people to go to war

And he said, “Russian citizens, this is not only a struggle for peace in Ukraine, but for the wealth that you have in your country.”

Brazil Agency – On Sunday (3), President of Ukraine and Vladimir Zelensky gave a new speech, during which he addressed the Russian people and asked them to take a stand against the war.

“Russian citizens, this is not only the struggle for peace in Ukraine, but for the wealth that you have in your country. If you remain silent, then the misery that will speak for you in the future. And the president declared: “Do not be silent.”

He emphasized that this was not a military operation, nor was it accidental, but rather a planned invasion. According to him, the Russian soldiers captured by the Ukrainian forces provided information in support of this thesis.

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“those people [do Exército russo] He wanted to wipe out our cities. We had access to the documents. That’s why these atrocities happen. They are throwing bombs, artillery and missiles. “This is not an improvisation,” he said.

Zelensky claimed that Russia’s attacks on the country violate international rules. “This would be a historic military crime,” he said.

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The Ukrainian president commented in the letter that his administration is planning measures to stimulate the economy and support the population with the aim of rebuilding the country.

“We already know how we are going to rebuild and reform Ukraine. We have created funds for this, one for infrastructure, one for credit and one for helping small businesses, in addition to several programs that we are creating,” he said.

In Russia, many anti-war actions were promoted. But President Vladimir Putin has hardened. The protests were brutally suppressed. This week it passed a new law censoring content critical of the war, with a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

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