May 30, 2024

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Little Lo reveals favorites and who wants to leave BBB22 soon

Little Lo reveals favorites and who wants to leave BBB22 soon

influencer Little Low usually comment on BBB22 on your social networks. to me POPlineShe revealed her favorite brother and who would work overtime at home. In addition, hung on the last wall, This is the judiciary lais.

(Photo: Instagram / @_pequenalo)

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“I’d like to see Lena in the final”, reveal the influencer. Then I dealt with the wall last Tuesday. Little Low say how lais He’s the one who got dumped, maybe the next one out of the house is Eliezer.

I think Ellie will leave after that. Maybe Eslô too (laughs)”, concluded the influencer. It is worth remembering that the designer escaped from the hot seat, but with styleShe is part of the group Lollipop, which has lost members in recent weeks.

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Voting: Who do you want to win your 10th BBB22 Leader Experience?

Every Thursday BBB22 Renew your cycle! It’s just that the most watched house week in Brazil is told differently, have you noticed? It all begins with the identification of the leader and ends with the result of the wall. We still don’t know who will win the top spot, but some brothers are more popular than others. Who do you want to win?

* Remember that this survey is partial and has nothing to do with BBB22’s progress.

a POPline doing a work full coverage For everything that happens at BBB22. Stay tuned so you don’t miss a thing!

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