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Live football: Goiás x CSA;  Where to watch today's match 15-10

Live football: Goiás x CSA; Where to watch today’s match 15-10

Goias and CSA will face the 2021 Brazilian Championship Série B on Friday

On Friday, October 15, 2021, another game from live football Enter Goiás e CSA fur Brazilian Championship Series BThe match will take place tonight starting at 9:30 pm (Brasilia time).

Where do you watch?

This time with CSA playing away from home, with his refereeing Bruno Arleu de Araújo (Fifa / RJ). The transmission will be performed by Minute by minute on Globo Sports, Premiere and SportTV, among other things that follow the game in real time, minute by minute.

Both teams (Goiás and CSA) already have their potential lineups.

Learn more below Where to watch live football on TV The online fencing between Goiás x CSA.

After four defeats in his last five matches, Goias is under pressure. The Emerald team lost to Nautico 3-2 in the last round and not only left the G-4 group because CRB snatched 2-0 from Botafogo. The club is in fourth place with 48 points and hopes to confirm field leadership to win again in the competition.

CSA is on the rise. In the last six rounds, they have won five games, tied and are close to G-4 with 45 points. This Friday he does a direct confrontation and clears the access scenario in case of victory.

Technical Card – Goiás x CSA

match Goiás x CSA
score board 0 × 0
date/time 10/15/2021 at 9:30 pm
flow SportTV, Premiere and Minute by Minute on Globo Sports
objective At stake in the 30th round of the second division
Stadium opinion
Sweetened Goiania-GO
Goias assortment David Duarte, Felipe Bastos, Tado, Abode, Rinaldo, Hugo, Diego, Elvis, Alf Manga, Nicholas, Caio Vinicius (Louan Dias).
CSA Escalation Matthews Philip, Lucas Frigery, Christofame, Gabriel, Fabricio, Hernandez, Yuri, Renato Caja (Dedera), Iori Castillo, Dellatore and Giovanni.
method Brazilian Championship Series B
Progress Been completed
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