June 12, 2024

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Luciano Hack shows his daughter's dream birthday in his mansion

Luciano Hack shows his daughter’s dream birthday in his mansion

Hosts Luciano Hack and Angelica celebrated their daughter’s birthday with a dream party

presenters Luciano Hack NS Angelica They threw a dream party for their youngest daughter, girl Eva! The youngest daughter of the presenters is nine years old! To celebrate, the couple threw a beautiful party for her in their mansion.

The party was pajamas, meaning Eva’s little friends spent the night at the family mansion to celebrate. The chosen theme for Eva’s party was Harry Potter. When Angelica showed off her daughter’s birthday decorations, she said, “Flawless.”

she is Luciano Hack They were even joking about the fact that it was an overnight stay. The presenter began by saying, “Honey, are we going to sleep?” Luciano replied, “Gee, what about sleep?” Then Angelica replied, “So it’s the pajamas!” Then the two presenters pretended that they were asleep.

All netizens praised Eva’s birthday party. “What a beautiful party! I loved it!”, one netizen commented. Another netizen said: “What a dream this party was! Everything was perfect!” As one netizen commented, “Wow, what a lovely party!”

Luciano Hack He also made sure to announce himself to his daughter on her birthday. He wrote: “Today is her day, our brave princess, fashionable, full of personality, full-time dancer, who walks the house, who fills us with joy, who opens that smile every time I arrive and gives me a gift with the best hug in the world. Today is the day of the camera roll review Searching for an eye-catching image that touches the heart… Eva and I are strolling together during a beautiful sunset. This is how I hope this passionate father and this loving daughter follow the course of life, opening up new horizons and possibilities day in and day out.”

Launch Instagram Birthday party for Luciano Hack and Angelica’s daughter

Eva, Luciano Hawk's daughter, birthday, with Angelica

Launch Instagram Christmas decoration details for Luciano Huck and Angelica’s daughter

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