September 23, 2023

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Adventures in History Video comparing Carla Diaz's performance to Susan von Richthofen's testimonial: 'creepy,' netizen says

Adventures in History Video comparing Carla Diaz’s performance to Susan von Richthofen’s testimonial: ‘creepy,’ netizen says

A post on Twitter caught the attention of netizens in light of the artist’s performance in the films “The Girl Who Killed My Parents” and “The Boy Who Killed My Parents.”

Last Friday, the 24th, “The Girl Who Killed My Parents” and “The Boy Who Killed My Parents” were released. that reproduces the brutal crime masterminded by Susan von Richthofen Along with Daniel and Christian Kravenhos.

With actress Carla Diaz In the flogging of a woman condemned to murder her parents, The films have been anticipated by the audience since 2019.

in front of the premiere, He had many reactions that highlighted the similarity between real and fiction. After all, the films directed by Mauricio Eca have a script based on what the criminals said during the trials, thus setting aside what was a myth.

Disclosure / Gallery Distribuidora and Santa Rita Filmes

One of these reactions highlights the amazing way in which Carla has been able to reproduce Susan’s way of speaking.


In a video that resonates among Internet users, the sentence of the convict is compared during the trial, The testimony of the character in the film. The original video in question was released on Fantástico, in 2006.

“Comparing Susan to the character is frightening… Carla Diaz was impeccable, she cemented herself as one of the greatest Brazilian actresses and unfortunately was underestimated, I say so easily. The highlight of the films was actually the performances of the two heroes,” the netizen wrote who published it.

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Then another account talks about how difficult it was to face the role. “Can you imagine playing a role like that? It shouldn’t be easy, getting into a character like that.”

“Tone of voice, coldness. That’s too much, Carla Diaz called her,” read another reply in the tweet that posted the video.

‘It’s supposed to be you’

In an interview with Globo earlier this year, the actress spoke about the challenges of Susan living in the cinema. Carla said that she not only watched interviews, but also read books and documentaries.

“I did a monologue based on the case file. When I finished, there was a lot of silence in the studio and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s disgusting.'” The next day, the producer and director said to me, ‘It should be you, and the recordings will begin.'” She said during an interview. With Globo, in April of this year, “For the first time, I’m playing a character based on a real issue that’s still alive.”

Disclosure / Gallery Distribuidora and Santa Rita Filmes

The actress also spoke about the need to distance herself from what she thought of Susan’s doing.

“When I learned that the character was mine, I had to step away from my own personal judgment to be able to play it without judging it. After all, like everyone else, I was very shocked by what I did. How Susan was, only those who knew her could tell. I She relied on the texts and information in the case file and what she said in court.There are two different types of Susan: one, in her version, shares blame with her boyfriend; the other, guilty of committing it. “I don’t know which one is closer to the truth,” he explained.

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Below, you can watch the full video featuring excerpts from Susan’s testimony.