May 25, 2024

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Luciano Huck wins arm wrestling with Globo and his name will appear on a new show

Luciano Huck wins arm wrestling with Globo and his name will appear on a new show

In arm wrestling Host Luciano Huck and Globo won, and his new show will be named as he pleases. The station no longer wanted to associate anyone’s name with gravity, however, it succumbed to pressure from the presenter and the new program would be called Domingão com Huck.

For the past 20 years, families from all over Brazil have welcomed Luciano Hack into their homes on Saturdays. And Huck, with his attentive and sensitive eyes, discovered with these people the stories that inspired us all. Now, there’s less than a month left for Luciano Hack’s work to debut on Sunday. Starting September 5, Domingão com Huck will present entertainment, fun, passion and new discoveries to Brazilians at Show dos Famosos and Quem Quer Ser um Millionaire? And in private matters across the country.

A success in the world and with the Brazilians, Show dos Famosos is gaining more brilliance in a new season, under Huck’s leadership, with new members of the jury and an unprecedented team of talent who need to do their best to honor great artists. The task of the participants is to liken the selected singers in sound, image and gestures, to impress the judges and the audience. At the end of the competition, after weekly feuds with amazing musical numbers, we will have the great champion.

Luciano also keeps his promise to end Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? When someone gets the million questions correctly. Therefore, he takes the plate to Sunday, with an unprecedented season. In this question-and-answer game, the contestant needs to show knowledge in different areas – as well as a good dose of strategy – to win the stages and reach the challenging prize of R$1 million.

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Domingão also makes room for inspiring Brazilian stories, with special reports recorded across the country by Luciano Huck. New articles and characters every week show Brazil’s diversity and people’s ability to reinvent themselves, think collectively, transform destinations and realize seemingly impossible dreams.

Domingão starts with Huck on Sunday, September 5th, after Brazil and Argentina World Cup qualifiers. The program is presented by Luciano Hack, artistic director Helio Vargas, and general director Clarissa Lopez.