June 21, 2024

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MC Mirella reveals how much he’s made of with sexy photos on OnlyFans

Singer MC Mirella (Image: clone/Instagram)

One of the most prominent Brazilian artists Invest in OnlyFans, the singer MC Merella You decide to unlock the game when your monthly bill is within the adult content sales site.

In an interview with Lucas Selfie on Youtube, she told funkeira, who was on the final season of A Fazenda, all about her alternate work. The lady said so Make a profile on the site due to the lack of concerts in the epidemic.

“Because I don’t do shows and I’ve already posted pictures like this on my Instagram. So I was really losing money and I’m not a smuggler at all. So since I’m doing it without making money, I’m going to do it to make money and create a professional business. It’s video, photos, animals. (Subscribers) love it. They even pay to talk to me.”

Mirella also said that her profile has become one of the biggest on the platform, To become among the most viewed profiles around the world. “Straightforward I’m in the top 2, and top 3 of the site, out of all the content creators. It’s crunchy. Many subscribers are arriving,” she said.

And about her bills, the famous said that she charges eighty Saudi riyals for her subscribers, that is It can generate about 400,000 Rls per month. Even the details of the numbers made Lucas Selvi frightened.

The person pays to watch everything for a month and you can seal the parcel. Everyone on my platform pays R$80 per month. I have two platforms and each one has four thousand subscribers. It is paid content. I decided to do it because I didn’t do a show. I’ve been losing money and I’m not a criminal, right… Since I’m doing it without making money, I’m going to do it to make money,” he explained.

no fights

Also during the program, MC Mirella talked about his friendship with Stéfani Bays, which ended up being controversy over the existence of funkeira. She faked her sexual orientation to get media attention.

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According to Mirella, The fight between the two is a thing of the past: “When I’m bad, or when I’m bad, we talk, OK guys! It’s not because we don’t talk online because we don’t do a good job or we don’t support each other.”

“We always talk through WhatsApp. I don’t need to show that I’m talking to the person, because I’m a very private person. We are very quiet in our neighborhood,” Mirella continued, noting that the two should continue the relationship in a more discreet manner.

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