May 19, 2024

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Luciano Szafir posa para foto no Instagram em frente a um espelho

Luciano Xavier reports horror in hospital with Covid-19: ‘I shiver even to speak’

Luciano Ambassador Talk about his long time in hospital, with complications COVID-19, in an interview published this Sunday (19). The 52-year-old actor and presenter has been intubated in the intensive care unit (ICU), in serious condition. Today, he lives with a colostomy bag and the after-effects of hospital treatment.

In the testimony of the newspaper Extra, Luciano Xavier, who spent nearly a month in hospitalHe stated that he feared death several times. The worst episode was he had an arrhythmia. “It makes me shiver even when I speak. I woke up at 2 in the morning without understanding why there were so many doctors around. I looked at the screen and my heart rate was 180.”

“The nurse asked me to hold her hands when she gave me the medicine and said, ‘It will get better, but first it will get worse.’ At the same time, I felt a burning sensation, like lava inside my body. The heartbeat increased, I heard “piii” and saw the effect on the screen. It’s like the movies. I thought: I’m going to die in the next few seconds. Then they reboot, like a computer, and little by little the heartbeat came back.”

Luciano Ambassador

Luciano Sapphire’s children find strange scars on their father’s body

The celebrity even talked about supporting his wife, Lohana Meloni, mother of their two children, David, 8, and Mikael, 6. I think the older one had a perception that he was dangerous,” he said. In addition to the younger ones, he is the father of Sasha, 23, as a result of his relationship with Shoxa in the 1990s.

“They’re used to seeing my scars now. If I’m shirtless, they ask me to get dressed. Just the cuts are a trophy for me, but they’re ugly for them. Not to mention that I, who’s always been big, didn’t have much strength to play with them.” And Michael and David, of course.”

Luciano Ambassador

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