May 25, 2024

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Video: Watch the opening of the new Fantástico | Wonderful

Special reports, investigations, innovation, denunciations, exclusive interviews, music, entertainment, sports and quality recognized at important awards. NS Wonderful It all brings to at least 2,500 Sundays. To celebrate this brand in style, The program starts a new openingInspired by the four elements – water, fire, earth and air – and technological innovation.

But changing the opening that always becomes classic is no easy task. The creation process relied on graphic elements and visual effects techniques. actually A soundtrack that evokes the strength of the group, preserves the original essence, but with new arrangements. to me Choreography has been brought from classical to contemporary rhythmsWhich blends African dances, hip-hop and urban dance. All the dancers were cleared point by point. A special look was also launched on the selection of dancers to form a Diverse and representative dance groups.

“This opening, it will not have a main character. What is important is the collective. We are 100% focused on the idea of ​​inclusion and representation,” said the opening general manager, Cristiano Calvet.

Recorded inside a technology park in Estúdios Globo. Ten dancers are part of the new opening. The key word for the group’s selection was representation. It’s all in touch – some more. Like Delo and Lina who met in Brazil and danced together for seven years.

Did you like the new opening? Then get off the couch and play and dance with the ballet troupes. Watch a choreography tutorial:

Fantástico Choreography: Can you perform the steps for the new opening?

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