May 19, 2024

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Marina delirious from going to the final of the reality show

Marina delirious from going to the final of the reality show

First shot at the thirteenth farm for “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV), Marina Ferrari returned to the headquarters in ecstasy to confirm in the grand final of the dispute over the prize of 1.5 million Brazilian riyals from reality show.

The digital influencer walked home screaming, praying and giving the traditional thanks to the audience for her guarantee of her in the game.

Thank you Maceo. Dad and mom, I love you both. Oh my heart. There, thank you, Brazil. Thank you, ne.

Overjoyed, Marina rang the bell to announce her arrival and opened the door, repeatedly screaming that she had reached the 2021″.

I’m in the final!

Rico Melquiades hugged the girl tightly, while Solange Gomez, Dinho Alves and Siti Matos praised the participant.

The Farm 2021: Who do you want to stand between Dynho, Rico, Solange and Sthe?



Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV

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