June 23, 2024

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Full-length programs leave Globoplay

Full-length programs leave Globoplay

to the podium flow Globoplay no longer contains the full text of “Domingão do Faustão” given by Fausto Silva. The attractions sections have been preserved and subscribers can view them.

In addition to Faustão’s latest appearances, the program list on the platform also includes programs led by Tiago Leifert. former presenter of BBB Gravity held until the end of the “Super Celebrity Dance” which was won by Paola Oliveira.

Even in searches from previous years, it is only possible to see cuts from Fausto Silva’s programs. The first videos made available by the streaming platform are from December 2007.

This cuteness has served in Afternoons on TV Globo for 32 years, debuting in 1989.

in contact with splash, the communications division of TV Globo reported that many of the broadcaster’s programs are leaving the platform after 180 days.

This happens for various reasons, such as rights, consumption patterns and storage costs. “Domingão do Faustão” is one such programme, such as “The Voice Brasil”, “The Voice Kids”, “Esporte Espetacular” and “Globo Esporte”. There is nothing new in the application of the rule, and it is automatic: after six months, the entire rule is removed without human intervention.
Globo says in contact with Splash

Faustau in the band

She informed the announcer of the announcer’s departure in June. In a note sent to splashRio station confirms that the decision was made by mutual agreement with Faustau. Currently, the communicator is preparing new projects with premieres scheduled for January on the Band.

Anne Lauterman, journalist who provided weather forecasts for the Journal Nacional, He left TV Globo over the past week to compose Faustão in Band.

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