March 29, 2023

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Marina Ruy Barbosa breathes and responds to the ex-BBB and reveals the betrayal of a friend: 'playing in the press'

Marina Ruy Barbosa breathes and responds to the ex-BBB and reveals the betrayal of a friend: ‘playing in the press’


The actress used her Twitter again to reveal that she had already been “betrayed” by someone she trusted.

Photos: Pascal Lee Secret/Getty Images
Photos: Pascal Lee Secret/Getty Images

in the last days, Bruno Gagliasu She entered into a new controversy and commented on the famous “Sorobao de Noronha”. actor with Giovanna Eubankon the podcast “Who Pod, Pod”Presented by Fernanda Paes Lim: “Man, Sorobao is nothing more than a smokescreen of the controversy that occurred during the series (O Sétimo Guardian)”He said.

“That’s the truth, do you want me to tell you who fired it?”, he added. Novel it Bruno Quoted, it’s “seventh guard”who became famous for her controversy with Marina Ruy Barbosareferred to as the separation axis Jose Loretowith whom he had a romantic partner, and Deborah Nascimento. after decoration Jagliasuthe redhead posted in Twitter: “Eêê hypocrisy danadaaaaa”.

Yesterday (7), on the same social network, the artist replied to a previous postBBB Fernanda Colawho wrote: “Someone here has already trusted their weaknesses, and talked about important facts in their life with a ‘friend.’ And that friend, at some point, used it to be able to offend you? (That was yesterday)”. Not to mention anyone’s name, Marina answered.

“Yes! There are times when a person turns something you said into something else and throws it in the press”. in June, Marina give an interview to ‘Who is the’ He spoke of the dream of pursuing an international career: “Sometime I want to study abroad and have some anonymous time, and be able to enjoy another kind of freedom. It is interesting to be able to notice more than what needs to be noticed”.

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