June 21, 2024

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Marina Ruy Barbosa complains about her participation in a fight

Marina Ruy Barbosa complains about her participation in a fight

Marina Ruy Barbosa He complained about his name being involved in the fight between Ícaro Silva and Tiago Leifert, after liking posts from both sides in their discussion of ‘Big Brother Brasil’.

It all started after Ícaro made a post ignoring the rumor involved in the next edition of “BBB”, which he called “Medium Entertainment.” Shortly thereafter, the former presenter of reality And the networks went on to respond to the criticism, claiming that the salary of the artist, who was part of the cast of “Secret Truths 2”, was paid from the earnings of “Big Brother”. He even received a “response” from Icarus, who was endorsed by many celebrities.

This afternoon, after being listed as one of the artists to admire Icaro’s post, Rui Barbosa denied taking sides and defended both pros.

The actress wrote on her Twitter profile this afternoon: “Now I got into an argument for nothing! But come on…I can’t stand the confusion and the fight…”. “I love Thiago. I think he is one of the most kind, realistic and generous people in this art world. In addition, I admire his work since beeem before BBB,” he said.

“I’ve also known Ícaro since I was a kid, even on Globinho TV, we’ve already performed together and I also have great affection, admiration and respect for him. Besides the gigantic actor he is,” Rui Barbosa mused, recalling his old partnership with Silva.

Then the actress said that she believes that it is necessary to be careful with opinions, so as not to harm others, but understands that “everyone” is learning to deal with the effects and consequences of social networks.

“So, I just wanted to ask you to stop putting people on one side or the other in this story. It’s not a competition. And you don’t have to hate Tiago to like Ícaro, and you don’t have to hate Ícaro to love Tiago. Stop,” he asked.

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Even Roy Barbosa was sarcastic when he answered one of the comments in his post, with a follower saying she liked them and liked them. “But you can’t anymore…you have to choose one of the two to love,” she said, addressing the critics.