June 23, 2024

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Thelma defends Ocaro Silva and talks about following Thiago Levert

Thelma defends Ocaro Silva and talks about following Thiago Levert

after Controversial comment from Icarus Silva Over the Brazil is the big brotherAnd The cross answer of the previous announcer James Leverett, the counterfactual argument and the The presenter follows up on the non-supporting attendees Amidst this nonsense, winner BBB20 Thelma of Assisi Announce this Wednesday (22) to share your opinion.

Through a series of stories, thalminha He defended Okaru and put himself in his shoes. “Imagine what this boy didn’t do for years‘, he said. Look:

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Does my salary come from bending over my head, or from my salary that I serve?She asked the doctor, who then stated that she agreed with the actor’s argument on this specific point he made thiago in your answer.

The bucket was kicked from one side and the bucket was kicked from the other side“, He said Thelma.

The former post also claimed that she loves the reality show and that it is part of her life, her story. “BBB has opened so many doors for me that I will never forget“, resident.”I am so grateful“He added. But she also argued that she does not kiss anyone’s asses.”Don’t expect this from me“. He watches:

Unfollow by Thiago Levert

Thelma He also took the opportunity to make it clear that he would like to talk about the follow-up received directly with James Leverett, but you can no longer access it. “In his speeches, he talked a lot about acting, how much he learned from Babu, the thorn-comb, right… So it’s kind of a contradiction, right, after the previous BBBs we know have a sexist face, have a racist mine, and people take ‘non-followers’ ““, Been completed.

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