September 29, 2023

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Matrix Trailer 4: What's Next in The Matrix: Resurrections?  Discover it!

Matrix Trailer 4: What’s Next in The Matrix: Resurrections? Discover it!

a Warner Bros. Revealed the first trailer of the long-awaited movie The Matrix: Resurrections, The fourth feature in the sci-fi epic that brings Keanu Reeves Once again in the role of Neo. Check above.

The trailer was preceded by an official interactive website that can be accessed via the link Whatsthematrix. In the title, several teasers were provided as a personalized (real-time) experience for each user in time and geographic location.

When users choose a blue or red pill, a trailer is released with a pre-set and pre-approved interchangeable look, GFX and combo.

The new chapter of the franchise championship Keanu Reeves NS Carrie Ann Moss Scheduled first show December 22, 2021. direction is the text from Lana Wachowski.

the first matrix It was released in 1999. Along with the sequels, Reload arrays NS Matrix of revolutionsBoth from 2003, franchise earned 1.6 billion US dollars at the global box office.

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