February 25, 2024

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Calcinha Preta singer, Paulinha Abelha has bacteria in her brain

Calcinha Preta singer, Paulinha Abelha has bacteria in her brain

The Singer Paulinha Abelha, 43, Calcinha Preta singer, in a coma in ICU (intensive care unit) caused by bacteria in the brain, the group’s team reported splash.

she is He has been hospitalized since the weekend in a private hospital in the southern region of Aracaju. The singer was on tour with the band in São Paulo when she fell ill and was taken to the hospital as soon as she arrived in the capital of Sergipe.

earlier, splash She found that the singer’s family wanted her to be treated at Serio Lebanon Hospital in São Paulo, but due to nervous instability, Paulinha is not in safe clinical conditions for an airlift.

The Calcinha Preta singer is closely followed by her husband, also singer Cleverton Santos, and bandmates: Daniel Diau, Bell Oliver and Silvânia Aquino.

In an interview last week with the “Podpah” podcast, she said she felt bad before the conversation was taped.

I felt pass out and fainted (before the interview). But nothing Podpah can solve, everything is wonderful. Anything, if I get dizzy, I go there. But I ate like otters, yesterday we had a great sushi dinner. Bolinha Bee on Budbah

Transferred to another hospital in Southeast

Marlus Viana, the ex-husband of Calcinha Preta singer and former singer, announced in an interview with TV Atalaia, a subsidiary of Record in Sergipe, that she will be transferred to another hospital in Aracaju.

Marls also stated that there was no deterioration in the clinical picture during the past few hours, and he repudiated the false news circulated on social media that announced that the artist had suffered a brain death.

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“I saw her today and she has a good and calm face. She left much more confidence than when I entered the hospital. What was relayed to me is that there is nothing related to brain death as it is being spread on social media. The only sources of information responsible for her clinical condition would be from Through Calcinha Preta’s Instagram and Paulinha’s own Instagram”.

The singer also told during the interview that she was going to the new hospital to get to a more complete hull, with a CT scan and an MRI. The transfer must be done today.

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The band Calcinha Preta was formed on December 8, 1995 and has several formations – the group is one of the biggest names in electronic forró. Polinha, 43, joined the group in 1998.

She has twice left the band to focus on other projects, but has returned and, since 2018, is still in the group forró.

Singers today are Daniel Diao, Sylvania Aquino, Paulinha Abella, and Bill Oliver. The band is known for its superior production of romantic shows forró.

In November last year, Calcinha Preta’s original singer was murdered at home. According to Sergipe’s Public Security Secretariat, Sidney Chucho died of a stab wound – a technical term for things that can be used to injure or kill, but whose normal use is otherwise.