June 23, 2024

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Mayara and Marisa cancel the "Festival das Patroas" tour announced a month before Marilia Mendonca's death |  Music

Mayara and Marisa cancel the “Festival das Patroas” tour announced a month before Marilia Mendonca’s death | Music

Mayara and Marisa have officially canceled the “Festival das Patroas” tour, which they were to do alongside singer Marília Mendonça. Information confirmed for g 1 Vide country duo.

Announced in October 2021The destination of the Albatross tour has not been determined since Marilia died prematurely in November.

The tour’s premiere will take place in March 2022, in Belo Horizonte, then via Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

“The Patros Festival tour, set to begin in March, will be cancelled. There is still a lot to be resolved on everything Marilia Mendonca has to do.”

“Mayara and Marisa, in turn, still cherish the desire to one day be able to realize the dream they built with their friend,” according to the duo’s advice.

“The ticket price will be refunded to all people who have purchased their tickets for the shows.”

Responsible for ticket refunds, Live Nation Brasil also issued a statement about the tour’s cancellation:

“Live Nation Brasil and Workshow are posting publicly to notify you that ‘Festival das Patroas’ has been cancelled. All people who have purchased their tickets for the shows that will take place in Belo Horizonte, on March 19, 2022; in Rio de Janeiro, on April 2, 2022; in Sao Paulo, on April 9 2022; and in Brasilia, on May 28, 2022, the ticket price will be refunded.”

“We have already won a lot, but the focus is now, the main thing is to show friendship,” Marilia said at the time. “And how can you be next to a woman, or below, above a woman, and be with her all the time.”

The perfection of the tour reflected many of the friends’ dreams as they joined forces in formation. At these meetings, in addition to writing verses of wonderful songs, the three imagined what it would be like to meet on stage.

“We were always very persistent, writing for great artists. People used to say, ‘The woman in the middle doesn’t talk.’ But we always thought of the positive. We had our show, which would stop everything,” Marisa recalled during the October press conference. “We’ve never recorded a single song in our lives.”

“A firm woman no one stops, imagine three together,” Mayara continued.

Video: Remember what the “Patroas” tour looked like a month before Marilia Mendonca’s death:

Marilia Mendonca, Mayara and Marisa take Project As Patroas to the road