June 16, 2024

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Enquete A Fazenda 2021

Maylade, Allen or Solange, who should stay?

After Dynho won this week’s Farmer’s Test, Mileide, Solange and Aline are on the field. The least voted pawns will be eliminated on Thursday (9). Who should stay in the program? Take part in the DCI 2021 Farm poll and vote for who should stay.

2021 Farm Poll – Who Should Stay?

Vote for those who leave the farm

Who Has Already Left Ranch 2021?

The name least voted in a 2021 Farm poll for cancellation this week will be the 12th person to leave Record TV reality show for a prize of R$1.5 million. Mention the elimination order for the season:

  • Lesian Gutierrez (26.15% of votes)
  • Mosonzinho (23.52% of the vote)
  • Erica Schneider (30.24% dos photos)
  • Victor Pecoraro (22.82% 2 votes)
  • Larry Botino (9.61% of the vote)
  • Tati Kibra Barako (15.78% of the vote)
  • Erasmo Viana (19.91% of the vote)
  • Thiago Picuelo (26.87% of the vote)
  • Valentina Francavilla (15.38% of the vote)
  • Gui Araújo (18.32% of the vote)
  • Diane Melo (27% of the vote)

How to participate in the R7 survey

Vote to decide who will be eliminated live on R7, the official portal for Record TV. To vote in the official Fazenda 2021 poll, simply visit https://www.r7.com and then click on the Fazenda 2021 tab. The poll will be highlighted and roceiros identification will appear on the page.

After checking the name and photo of the person you want to save from this farm, just select the option, click “I’m human” and confirm your vote. It is important to wait for the message informing that the vote has counted and will be considered in the week’s decision.

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The result will be announced on Thursday, December 9 at 10:45 PM (GMT) on Record TV and PlayPlus. follow all Parts of the 2021 farm survey no dci.

The Grand Final will be held on December 16th

The Grand Final of Fazanda 2021 is scheduled for next Thursday, December 16. The program will be broadcast live, on Record TV and PlayPlus, at 22:45 (GMT). For the final, there will only be 4 players left – which means the next few days in confinement will be very lively and will even include double eliminations.

The latest Fazenda 2021 poll, the one that awards a prizewinner with a prize of R$1.5 million, will open on December 14, following the program’s recent cancellation.

Learn more about the end of Farm 2021