May 28, 2024

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Tatá Werneck mocks Fiuk at ‘Multishow Award’ and offers an unusual apology after a row; Watch

Tata Wernick She doesn’t talk… which is one of the reasons we adore her even more! responsible for leadership2021 Multishow PrizeNext to the singer behindThe comedian spared no one for the night and launched several tantrums against celebrities such as Fayuk, with who exchange twitching in the net, last week. Both of them disagreed after the musician’s participation in “”lady of the night“.

In the award, Tata mentioned son Fabio Jr.. After he “scolded” Isa for talking about topics that were outside the script. “You’re leaving the script, right, Tata?!… We didn’t agree on that”The singer commented. “Love, no fuuk, no, please. Don’t make this argument, no.”The actress responded, causing the audience to laugh.

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For those who did not understand what is indirect, we explain. Faucet failed to answer some of Werneck’s questions on his talk show, and claimed on networks that the topics would be outside of the previously agreed “text” with the presenter. On the other hand, she denied the boy’s statements.

However, this wasn’t the only moment Tata made jokes involving the former BBB. During the closing of the ceremony, Clara’s mother Mariah walked the catwalk in a very caricatured look, while wearing a headband that read “100% Fiuk”. “We have come to the end of another Multishow Award, which is already a part of Brazilian music history. Come here, Tata”She called out Isa, who was surprised by her friend’s clothes.

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“My love, I admire you, you are wonderful. It is a pleasure to be here, and a pleasure to be with you for another year. If Globo likes, there will be Domingão da Tatazão next year”, said Tata, who later edited an apology to Brother Cleo. “Guys, I wanted to apologize to Fuchs. I want to make up. 100% Fuchs!”, cried. “It’s written on her forehead, you can see it, right?”The reaction of “The Voice Brasil” technology.


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