June 19, 2024

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MC Gui says Riku's crying isn't right

MC Gui says Riku’s crying isn’t right

in the outer region offarm 13 “(RecordTV), At dawn today, MC Gui advised pedestrians not to fall into Rico Melquiades’ speech about exclusion on the reality show.

“He doesn’t think about these things until he’s alone and he’s sitting on the pillow,” said Dinho Alves, noting that the comedian only comes to his senses when he’s without anyone by his side.

Gui Araujo explained that Rico’s departure from headquarters was natural due to his fatigue from friction.

It is not an evil that you want. You do some bullshit and think ‘Wow, brother. I fell for this shit

“In this ze buce**,” Sthe Matos quipped. “lucky it was two seconds” claim MC Gui, about your contact with the pawn. Guy Araujo added, “It’s hard to fight with someone. I can’t fight. When someone happens, I leave my body and look at it.”

MC Gui advised his fellow inmates not to fall for Rico Melquiades’ cries because he listened to the pawn and was the target of attacks due to his out-of-game issues.

In fact, what happened here is that we cannot fall into his crying, because we **. I fell into this twice so he turned towards me and talked a lot of bullshit, my call was canceled

“Actually, this isn’t a lie, you know? It’s really hard to be alone,” said Gui Araujo. MC Gui said, “It’s not a lie, but no one here is ruling it out. I’ve never seen you ruling it out.” “That’s right,” Gui Araujo agreed.

The conversation sequence cannot be heard by the Playplus camera platform flow Act reality show Move the focus to another room in the house.

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