June 16, 2024

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Marília Mendonça: Luciano Huck apologizes for commenting on the singer's appearance in "Domingão": "I regretted it at the same moment";  Watch

Marília Mendonça: Luciano Huck apologizes for commenting on the singer’s appearance in “Domingão”: “I regretted it at the same moment”; Watch

No “Sunday with Hack what happened Marilia Mendonca diesLuciano Hack praised the Queen of Suffering and ended up making a controversial comment about her appearance. A week after the event, the presenter admitted his mistake and publicly apologized for the speech.

Last Sunday (7), Huck mentioned the importance of not only the “Graveto” sound, but also the duo Mayara and Marisa. The three had just participated in the program, to promote the “Festival das Patros” project. Revising the moment, Huck said, still arousing suspicion of Marilia’s death: “It’s been three weeks since I’ve been with them on stage. In fact, only half of them, the skinny three, were on stage.”

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In the face of numerous criticisms and accusations gordophobia From the web, Luciano admitted the error. Last week I made a comment about the three aesthetics. And when I made the comment, I immediately regretted it. That is why I put it here, again, on “Domingão”, warned.

Then the presenter thought about what had happened and made sure to back off. “The world is getting a lot better, as we get past such important issues, before you can make the kind of joke that you can’t do anymore, you can make the kind of comments that you don’t have to make anymore. So there are issues that we shouldn’t talk about anymore”, Luciano said.

Hack continued to yell about it. “And speaking of aesthetics, when the great majority have struggled so much all their lives with this tremendous aesthetic pressure of how you should be, what is beautiful, what is ugly, I think we should no longer talk about aesthetics. Everyone should be as happy as they are. So I apologize for Comment. I won’t do that anymore”, added.

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On Twitter, the caller shared the moment and recorded: “I made a mistake in the last #Domingão, while paying homage to the immortal Marilia Mendonca. I thought it was important to talk about this also in ‘Domingão’, the same space, to give the subject the attention and clarity it deserves”.