May 29, 2024

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McDonald’s Starts Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

SOPA Images / Getty Images

Bitcoin can now be used for online payments and delivery to all McDonald’s restaurants in El Salvador

Fast food giants McDonald’s NS express panda I got into the game and started accepting bitcoin as a form of payment in El Salvador after the country became the first to adopt cryptocurrency as its currency today (7).

bitcoin payment processor in california, OpenNode, confirmed to Forbes who formed partnerships with McDonald’s it’s at express panda To allow them to start accepting bitcoin.

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Bitcoin can now be used for payments at all 19 restaurants in the US McDonald’s In the country, as well as online and through a delivery app, he said OpenNode.

While it appears that these are the first major US companies to adapt to the cryptocurrency initiative in El Salvador, a spokesperson OpenNodeRyan Flowers said his team is “currently in the process of integrating several multi-billion dollar companies based in El Salvador.”

“Just walked into McDonald’s in San Salvador to see if I could pay for breakfast in Bitcoin… I hope to hear no,” crypto journalist Aaron van Weerdom wrote in a tweet this morning.

El Salvador today (7) became the first sovereign government to adopt a system Bitcoin As a currency, besides its current currency, the US dollar. Residents of the state are allowed to pay taxes and other debts using Bitcoin and that companies expand their payment options for Cryptocurrency. However, he declared “Day Bitcoin“From El Salvador it was a difficult start, as a market for Cryptocurrency It slid, with bitcoin dropping from over $52,000 to $42,830, its lowest level in nearly three weeks, on Tuesday morning. NS Bitcoin It rebounded to just under $46,957 at 1:45 EDT (EDT), still 9% lower than the day before.

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