September 30, 2023

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Meghan Markle shows Prince Harry with his newborn baby

Meghan Markle shows Prince Harry with his newborn baby

Duchess Meghan Markle charmed Prince Harry with the couple’s newborn daughter

for the duchess Meghan Markle I was surprised by a show Prince Harry With their newborn daughter, little Lillipet Diana. She showed them the first picture of the couple’s youngest daughter when she revealed some of the pictures in her desk frame.

I showed a sequence of three pictures in framed frames. In the center photo, Prince Harry is shown kissing little Lillipet Diana, who is still a newborn. Currently, the baby is already four months old. But this photo of her newborn is the only one the couple shot her. In addition to little Lillipet Diana, they are also proud parents to little Archie, two years old.

Meghan Markle Harry and their children live in a mansion in Montecito, California, United States. They are living on the site after they are no longer prominent members of the royal family.

Since that decision last year, Meghan has never returned to England. But according to the British press, this may soon change. According to royal family sources, the Duchess Meghan Markle And Prince Harry is looking forward to seeing Queen Elizabeth II in a few weeks from now so she can finally meet little Lillibit Diana.

In addition, the couple will also propose to baptize young Lillibet Diana at the chapel at Windsor Castle during the visit. Also according to royal family sources, some members of the royal family did not like the couple’s show at all.

The members involved are said to think the couple had “a lot of courage” in making this request after they gave interviews in which they openly criticized the royal family and Queen Elizabeth II, and even made serious accusations against members of the royal family. In addition to the criticism already leveled, Prince Harry has also announced that he will be writing an autobiography and it is expected that there will be more criticism against the royal family at work.

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Also according to the royal family’s own sources, Queen Elizabeth II’s team has yet to respond to the couple’s request. It is also not known if they will extend the traditional invitation to Meghan, Harry and the children to spend the holiday season with her and the rest of the family. Despite everything, sources have confirmed that Queen Elizabeth is very much in love with Prince Harry and that I would love to meet little Lillibit Diana and see Archie again.

Launch Instagram Meghan Markle shows Prince Harry with baby Lillipet

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