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The Walking Dead introduces new villains with massacre in a bloody episode TV News

The Walking Dead introduces new villains with massacre in a bloody episode TV News

The third episode of season 11 of The Walking Dead Introduced the series’ new villains in a bloody sequel that resulted in a Massacre of a group led by Maggie (Lauren Cohan). In the dead of night, the survivors of Alexandria were attacked by Tear off, the group of masked martial specialists.

Titled Hunted, the new chapter begins exactly where the previous one ended. After emerging from the Washington subway tunnels, Maggie’s group is ambushed by a shredder and ends up seceding in the dark woods in search of redemption.

With a quick and brutal attack, new villains assassinate Cole (James Defoe) early in the confrontation. The others manage to escape, but end up splitting, while Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) is wounded in the leg.

The highlight of the episode is Maggie, who spends part of the plot escaping death while seeking refuge in an abandoned mall. Inside, she battles and defeats a few Shredders before being reunited with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Alden (Callan McAuliffe).

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The standoff at the mall leaves Alden injured and enforces a forced truce between Maggie and Negan to help his friend. On the way, they meet again with Agatha (Laurie Fortier) and the dying Duncan (Marcus Lewis), who is mortally wounded in the engagement with the Shredders. The strongman still has time to say goodbye to Maggie, who puts a knife in his head so that he does not turn into a zombie.

In an attempt to continue the Meridian foraging mission, the assembled group surrounded a horde of zombies in the forest. Maggie, Negan and Alden manage to escape, but Agatha is bitten and then devoured by the zombie, causing another victim to fall among the survivors.

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While Gabriel remains alone in the woods, the trio manage to find shelter in an abandoned church. Unable to leave one behind, Maggie refuses to leave Alden, but is convinced to keep him hidden in the location while continuing her mission with Negan. The duo follow the path together, But without reducing the tension between them.

Another key element in the episode is Alexandria, whose residents continue to try to rebuild society after the battle with Whispers. Led by Carol (Melissa McBride), a group also ventures out into the woods in search of horses to replace those killed in the clash. This way, they will be able to move around to search for food or carry heavier loads.

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Help Maggie Alden survive

In the Alexandria sequence, The Walking Dead barely advances its plan. Hunted’s best moment is the hunt for Shredders by Maggie’s group, which rescues the distinct horror of the attraction’s early seasons.

The absence of the core of Princesa (Juanita Sanchez), who was about to enter the Commonwealth, was missed, and could lead to an excess of oxygen in the ring. The introduction of the New World Order arc promises to move the series’ last season, but the decision to fool the audience with unnecessary subplots could alienate a portion of fans who remain loyal to the attraction.

The new episode of The Walking Dead is available exclusively on Star +, as well as the entire eleventh season of the series. Watch a teaser below: