May 28, 2023

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Meta officially announces WhatsApp Premium

Meta officially announces WhatsApp Premium

This Thursday (19), Goal Officially announced WhatsApp Premium, a paid version of the platform. There will be an optional subscription plan for compensuring access to up to 10 different devices.

In addition, instead of the phone number after “”, companies will now be able to enter the name of the organization, which greatly facilitates the disclosure of company contacts.

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The purpose of the change is to make the links more memorable for customers, as memorizing a name is much easier than memorizing a nine-digit number. However, you will still need a valid phone number to obtain and maintain an account talks by WhatsApp Premium.

The information was announced during the conference talks focused on the business audience. It is not yet known when WhatsApp Premium will be available for purchase, nor how much it will cost to subscribe to the feature.

Photo: Disclosure / WhatsApp

WhatsApp can finally let you leave groups discreetly

who did not pass through need to leave group on WhatsApp, but due to the simple fact that the exit is offered to all attendees, it ends up staying in the online environment just to avoid contact with interest? However, the Meta messenger is developing a way to solve this problem, with a kind of “discrete output”.

according to WABetainfo, a site that specializes in news of beta versions of the app, the new feature will no longer notify all participants when someone leaves, only notifying those who leave the group and moderators. Therefore, the participants will leave the message “(Name) left the group”.

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