June 22, 2024

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Migratory bird with UK identity ring found dead in Florianopolis |  Santa Catarina

Migratory bird with UK identity ring found dead in Florianopolis | Santa Catarina

Within 30 days, 25 migratory birds of the genus Bobo-Little had died or become extinct on the beach. Florianopolis, According to the Santos Basin Beach Monitoring Project Committee (PMP-BS / R3 animal). One of them attracted attention after the rescue: it had an identification ring on it United Kingdom Placed in 2005.

During a daily observation of the beaches on October 31, the bird with the ring was found dead in Priya Brava, north of the island of Santa Catarina.

The bird, which sounded in Wales in 2005, was rescued in Praia Brava on October 31 – Photo: Diego Lispova / R3 Animal

According to the British Ringing Agency, she was at least one year old when she received her ID on 30 July 2005. Wales, 9.9 thousand kilometers from Florianópolis.

If you find a weak or dead mammal, bird or sea turtle on the beach, call 0800 642 3341.

Retrieved October 13 in Canasviras – Photo: R3 animal / expression

Along with marine habits, these birds are migratory and are found in the sea off the coast of Santa Catarina between September and November. When they run on beaches, it is a sign that they have weakened or encountered some extreme weather events.

Little fools (Buffinus Buffinus) They have nasal tubes above the crane, which is one of the most notable features of the species, and ranges in length from 30 to 38 centimeters.

“It is a migratory bird that breeds on the islands in the North Atlantic, which is distributed from Iceland to the east coast of Portugal and the American continent,” says Sulan.

Ring in rescued birds

All rehabilitated flying seabirds released by PMP-BS animal actions receive a ring (identification ring). The tag is made up of a unique alphanumeric code that allows the individual to be recognized when retrieved.

Flying birds that have been rehabilitated and released by R3 Animal also receive rings. – Photo: R3 animal / expression

In Brazil, the National Center for Wildlife Research and Conservation (Cemave) is an agency that manages the National Ringing System (SNA) and is affiliated with ICMBio.

By observing and identifying rings, one can track migration, bird curvature and destiny of the individual, as well as obtain important information about migration, population trends, and the use of natural habitats of organisms.

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