June 16, 2024

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Military police shot people who tried to steal Marilia Mendonca's plane TV News

Military police shot people who tried to steal Marilia Mendonca’s plane TV News

After the plane crash that killed Marilia Mendonca (1995-2021) and the team Last Friday (5) in Karatinga (MG), four people attempted to steal their belongings from sertaneja on board at dawn on Saturday (6). They were only dispersed after a military police officer fired rubber bullets at the alleged thieves.

In addition to the artist, the plane was also present. Producer Henrique RibeiroAdviser to the singer and his uncle Abecile Silvera Dias Filho, pilot Geraldo Martins de Medeiros Jr. and his assistant Tarciso Pessoa Viana. Everyone died in the accident.

An attempted theft of the victims’ property was recorded in a police report, and Prime Minister Marcio Pereira da Silva was the owner of the shots, according to G1.

According to military police information, three personnel were present at the crash site, in the middle of a waterfall, after rescuing the bodies to preserve the scene and its wreckage. Four people with flashlights descended on a hillside next to the waterfall and tried to reach the plane in search of things left by the victims.

According to the Executive Office, the alleged thieves were ordered to stop, but continued to advance toward the plane until Silva began firing rubber bullets. The suspects fled and there is no information yet on whether they were shot.

Center for Investigation and Prevention of Air Accidents (Cenipa) and Civil Police of Minas Gerais Investigations into the tragedy continue. The wreckage of the plane has already been collected and sent to forensics.

Death, Marilia Mendonca

Marilia Dias Mendonca died at the age of 26 and left a son, Leo Mendonca Hoff, aged 1 year and 11 months, as a result of her relationship with Murillo Hoff. The Minas Gerais State Military Fire Service confirmed the information regarding the death at approximately 17:00 on Friday (5).

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“The Military Fire Department of Minas Gerais reported that a small Beech Aircraft, crashed on Friday (5) in the rural area of ​​Piedade de Caratinga. The CBMMG confirms that the plane was carrying singer Marília Mendonça and that it was among the fatal victims,” ​​the official note to the firefighters said. “.

the plane that Singer Marilia Mendonca took fell in the Karatinga Mountains, in the interior of Minas Gerais around 15:30 that day. The singer will perform in the city this weekend.

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