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Ministry of Justice: Itapimirim harmed the consumer - 12/24/2021 - Market

Ministry of Justice: Itapimirim harmed the consumer – 12/24/2021 – Market

The Ministry of Justice decided on Friday (24th) to open an administrative case against the company ITA (Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos), which The operation was suspended a week agoTo assess that the company has harmed consumers.

Even if the company is moving or compensating passengers (there are 133 thousand in total), the assessment is that “the measures may even alleviate some situations, but the harm to the consumer group is still more than just formation,” according to Sinacon (Consumer Circle). National), on top of the process.

Itapemirim has 20 days to present his defense. According to the report, she has not yet expressed herself.

The agency had given Itapemirim a deadline to send the approved plan to mitigate damages to customers. The company sent him, but the folder saw him as unsatisfactory.

Now, it is opening a process that could culminate in a fine of up to 11 million Brazilian reais, among other penalties. And Procon in São Paulo may fine the company the same amount.

Cinnacon highlights that the company has not complied with what has been offered and bought by the consumer, “in the delicate situation of the pandemic, and still, in the middle of year-end parties.” He estimates that “in addition to the damage caused, this fact adds to a great disappointment in the expectation of consumption.”

Since October, the company has held three meetings with Cinacon and sent a different person to each, according to Lilian Brandau, director of the Consumer Protection and Defense Department.

The meetings were requested by the folder, which revealed an increase in customer complaints about flight delays and cancellations.

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Itapimirim launched an operation in the air sector amid the pandemic, when flights were suspended and some companies in the sector surrendered. Anac approved the grant in May 2021, at an extraordinary online case meeting.

The group has been subject to bankruptcy protection since 2016.

Sidney Beva, the company’s president, is still in a legal dispute with the company’s former observers, the Kolla family – who said, in a statement, that they had warned Anac of the economic and operational infeasibility of the group’s airline, “in addition to the transfer of funds to pay creditors that prompted the establishment of the said company.”

Beva has several accusations from former controllers of companies he has acquired in recent years.

ITA began flying in June. In light of the judicial reorganization scenario, Itapimirim Group He claimed that the air arm had funds of 500 million US dollars (2.8 billion Brazilian reals). That will transfer funds where goals have been achieved. Piva has never revealed what money it will be on.

The ITA reported in response to Procon-SP that the suspension affected more than 133,000 travelers considering round-trip travel from December 17 to February 17 and that it plans to resume operations on that date.

When contacted, Anac says that in April 2021, the company raised Application for the grant with the submission of the required documents. During that month, inspections of operating and maintenance bases, training assessments, flight assessments, and crew inspections were conducted.

The agency claims that it has also issued official letters to the Judicial Officer, the Attorney General’s Office and a Bankruptcy Court Judge and Judicial Reorganization “requesting information about the group’s judicial reorganization process, as well as any relevant fact that could affect the division of the company together into an ITA, which is a different company from the group.” The above-mentioned “.

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“The agency only received an answer from the deputy, with general information indicating that Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos is not covered by the restructuring process under discussion,” he said.