June 23, 2024

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Mion surprises Tonico Pereira, who reveals intimate details

This Saturday (11), Tonic Pereira was a guest painting or not, number boiler. during attraction, Marcus Munj He wondered if the 73-year-old actor was wearing wine underwear, and the veteran veteran ended up flaunting the intimate details.

The moment happened because, when presenting the guests to the plate, Mion announced Tonico in an unusual way. “It is he who puts things away and does not think so at all, entering the scene only in burgundy underwear. He even uses one today. Tunco Pereira!“, He said.

In response, the actor gave a positive hand signal.Mr. Tonico, is that really true? Are you into wine underwear?asked the lieutenant colonel. The veteran agreed again and Myeon insisted:Is it a burgundy lingerie wardrobe?’, asked. Prof. Ramiro’s translator at place in the sunAnd Then he pulled his pants down a bit and showed the burgundy dress to the cameras. “It’s silk!“He said.

Marcos Millon and Tonico Pereira (clone/globe)

Which spoke more about habit: “The only thing I wear on my clothes is silk underwear. The rest is a poor thing,” to explain. During the attraction, Tonico excelled on one of the rounds. To celebrate, he took his wife Marina to a dance and was shown rocking the dance floor. with information from GShow.

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