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Faustau: The team's modesty surprises Band employees - 12/12/2021

Faustau: The team’s modesty surprises Band employees – 12/12/2021

Behind the scenes on TV, there is a consensus that whenever a former world player goes to another station, he usually arrives with a certain conceit, conceited, the so-called “high heels”. After all, it was from Globo, the leader of the audience, the so-called “Platinum Flower” (by the way, a ridiculous nickname).

This is not the case with Fausto Silva, who is now in the band.

Many have left Globo in recent months and weeks – director, producers, editors – and migrated to Morumbi (Southern SP).

a column I spoke with people from different levels of the Saad family network, without revealing their identity, and there is almost unanimity: surprise with the utter lack of “stardom” for the new employees.

Says a press source I heard column.

Another in-house executive emphasized, “They are very hardworking people who collaborate with each other and with us without anyone having to raise their voice;” They are really very humble people; Did we like it?

Fausto Silva is supposed to make his debut on January 17th in a modern auditorium Which is being completed at the band’s headquarters in Morumbi.

Faustau Globo left in June, after 32 years. His “Domingão” show was one of the biggest earners in the house, and his salary was also among the highest in the country.

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