May 28, 2024

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Mirella breathes long and answers if she wants to return with Dynho Alves after “A Fazenda 13”; paying off

last Tuesday (16), MC Merella The process of separation from her husband began, Dinho Alves. The decision came after the singer made a decision series of explosions On social media about the dancer’s behavior in “farm 13In recent weeks, both the pawn and Stefan Matos They were criticized for the constant exchange of banter and affectionate moments that star in the reality show.

There are, of course, those who defend the boy – who at the party that blew (20) remembers the beginning of his relationship with Mirella. “I’m sick of seeing people defend! I wanted to know if I, married, etc. were inside. How many times did they cancel me? I’d be quiet out of respect for what I lived through. Because if I open my mouth, shit is flying everywhere!”The singer launched on Twitter.

“I woke up bad Mi and the attack. Put me on one reality show now to see the damage I’m doing. Live baby! I’ve only learned one thing: not to stop living because of others. It’s uncertain whether they will do for you, what you do for others”, he added. After that, MC made an appeal to “Sterellas”, her fans, and Stephanie BayesHe asks them to vote for Dynho to be on the reality show, if he goes to the next farm.

“If Dynho goes to the country, please don’t take him. Sterellas help me. I have a lot of things to sort out yet. The horror will delay me. But God knows everything! I never asked for anything so please let me know… If this week goes wrong, vote him to stay, because if he leaves, I will fail here!”, reinforced, she even gave the dancer a needle: “He gives a rope, he hangs himself.”

Despite the fact that she confirmed the information before, there are still people who are skeptical about Mirella’s divorce application. Then I took the opportunity to display the fingerprints of conversations that prove the story’s veracity. “The person goes into reality and I, here, get angry and have to prove things on the internet, because I’m ‘marketing and I’m a cookie’. I can’t even vent my anger out”, Taken with a photo suit.

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“I don’t need to lie. I was always the first to defend it. Now here I am getting hate for something I am not even to blame!”Breathe later. The MC also posted an excerpt from a conversation, allegedly with her father, which indicates that they are looking for a new home for the singer to live in.

Do you think it’s over? this is nothing. Outraged by the attacks, Mirella warned: “I’m going to ignore some of the comments because people have a very evil imagination.” Finally, the artist made it clear that she does not intend to return with Dynho, after the dancer leaves reality. “I’m glad I know that when I don’t want it anymore, it just goes away. I’ve been through so many exits you know, ask them if they found something with me after I didn’t want to find out. Shocked to the point of making me feel like this… Forget about it. !”, confirmed.