April 24, 2024

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Mirella criticizes, issues note about feat with Dynho: 'Different things'

Mirella criticizes, issues note about feat with Dynho: ‘Different things’

after receiving Much criticism after the release of the video No Passinho (Love Funk)., in which it appears Side of (future) ex-husband, Dynho AlvesAnd mirella Comment on the episode. By means of a note sent to LeoDays columnThe artist’s consultancy stresses that personal and professional life are “two different things”. The statement also confirms that the video was recorded by the former couple in April, before they joined the Power Couple on Record TV.

“Out of respect for fans and to make it clear to everyone that the personal and professional lives of artists are two different things, we inform you that today’s clip was released with the ex-couple, which was produced in April of this year and whose schedule has already been set by the producer Love Funk, who has invested in the work, and from Clearly he needs to keep up with the commitments signed,” the memo read.


Subsequently, the text sent by the artist’s advisors asserts that Mirella cannot interfere with the producer’s plans and concludes that it is not up to the singer “as an artist employed by the company, to interfere in any decisions that may ultimately affect the interests of the producing company.”

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On Tuesday (11/16), Merella announced her divorce from her husband, dancer Dino Alves, member of the 13th edition of the reality show A Fazenda. Dynho and Mirella used to live together in a luxury condominium in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo’s metropolitan area. Funkeira left the place and returned to her old apartment, on the east side of the capital.

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