June 23, 2024

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With a low voice, why did it take Globo so long to debut when Mais Vida, Melhor?  TV news

With a low voice, why did it take Globo so long to debut when Mais Vida, Melhor? TV news

Despite the lack of audience at the seven o’clock schedule due to the rerun of the Pega Pega (2017), Globo was only able to show the new soap opera, The more life the better!, Monday (22). The main culprit was the coronavirus pandemic, but there were also other internal factors within the station that delayed the start.

The More Life, The Better will finish recordings next Saturday (27) After nearly a year of production in studios. The first scenes began in December 2020, after Globo established very strict protocol. They were in good shape until March.

At this time, Covid-19 saw a new wave of cases in Brazil, exceeding the mark of 4,000 deaths per day. Afraid, Globo decided to cancel registrations of all of its productions at Globo Studios for 20 days – like Secret Facts 2 NS place in the sun. Mauro Wilson’s plot had half its scenes run in the stream.

With a long delay, Globo Studios’ command advised Globo’s director of programming that it would not be able to deliver a telenovela with minimal broadcast readiness. Because of the protocols, The plant was doing more than normal post-production processing.

Digital photo editing and insertion tricks are being done in large numbers. Since the soap opera at seven o’clock has a supernatural imprint, talking about death and resurrection in a humorous way, many scenes were done with chroma key and with special effects, which required more time for the editors to voice the chapters and leave the chapters. Ready to go on air.

If production begins in May, Globo fears it will have to shut down the series halfway and come back with unreleased chapters later, which could hinder their understanding. To fill the gap, two re-processes were studied: Morde & Assopra (2011) and Pega Pega. The second was chosen because it is shorter and easier to understand to be edited.

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The initial plan was to broadcast the Quem Mais Vida, Melhor in October, but Globo again postponed its start to November, as a way to celebrate the month as the “official resumption” of unpublished plots, Since “A Place in the Sun” also started its run two weeks ago.

The more life the better! It runs through May 2022. It will be replaced by Cara e Coragm, starring Paula Oliveira and Tes Araujo and written by Claudia Soto, author of Pega Pega.