July 25, 2024

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Mirian Rios was surprised to discover bleeding in the body and ventilation holes

Mirian Rios was surprised to discover bleeding in the body and ventilation holes

Mirian Rios underwent surgery to correct a hearing problem (Image: Playback / Instagram)

After head surgery to correct the problem of deafness, Merian Rivers He was bleeding in his ear. Despite the fear, the actress warned Instagram followers that she was fine.

And the artist said, Saturday (21), in a post on the social networking site:Today I woke up very happy with all the manifestations of love. Nobody is good alone, together we are stronger. I had a slight hemorrhage in my left ear. According to driulobarauna, everything is on schedule.”

In the comments, fans reacted. “Everything will be fine. God always guides us”, A follower said. A prayer for your health, another male. “I wish you a quick recovery” , Third Books.

For those who don’t know, Mirian Rios underwent surgery on Thursday (19). During the operation, she removed two prosthetics located in the head area: ear devices helped the famous device for hearing. The pieces, however, stopped working. The artist herself has already declared that she is “deaf” as a result of this problem.

“I have some prosthetics in my head, and earphones, which helped me to listen. Since they don’t work anymore, they are broken, I’m going to remove both, right and left. I’ll need a week or so of rest because it hurts and everything. I’m really happy ‘Cause I’m going to quit at last”, celebrate.

Several months ago, the actress spoke about her condition: I’m deaf. Totally deaf in both ears. I don’t hear the birds singing, I don’t hear the rain. It bothers me. I hear nothing. I hear my own voice. I listen to my own voice, for example. I don’t hear my children calling me, a dog barking. Only if You’re talking close to my ear. I hear inside my ear. It happened like this. For many years I’ve been losing my hearing. It’s genes from my family, from my mother.”

Mirian also said the same thing happened with his family. People lose their hearing. My mother, my uncle, my aunt… Many of my family members lost their hearing until they became very hard of hearing. I followed the genetics of my mother and uncles,” He said.

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