September 18, 2021

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VK Defense file a criminal complaint against the witness

VK Defense file a criminal complaint against the witness

Lawyers for Victor Elias Fontenelle aka MC VK filed a criminal complaint yesterday (20) against Portuguese singer Fernando Demi Jr. for insult and slander. Information released this morning by journalist Louise Bache, has been confirmed UOL By VK Defense.

In an interview with journalist Roberto Cabrini three weeks ago, Demi claimed that he was staying at the hotel next door to the one that Kevin died, in Barra da Tijuca, who saw VK encouraging Kevin to comment on the balcony the MC had fallen into, as well as not responding to requests for help.

Fernando Demi Jr. submitted the same report to the contact girl’s lawyer Bianca Dominguez, Danilo Garcia de Andrade, but did not send documents proving his presence at the site. MC Kevin’s death day.

Police say the Portuguese have not been to a hotel

Fernando Demi Jr in an interview with Roberto Cabrini on ‘Sunday Espetacular’

Photo: reproduction / recording

In a document obtained exclusively by UOLIn Rio de Janeiro, civil police testify that the Portuguese never stayed at the hotel next to the Reale River, where Kevin died. There is no record of documents or photos on security cameras. Guests are required to present documents upon entering the hotel.

Furthermore, according to the manager of the facility where the Portuguese man claimed he was staying at the time, only two balconies in the adjacent hotel overlook the Reale River, and guests in those rooms did not witness MC Kevin’s death.

At the time of Demi’s testimony, police had already concluded that MC Kevin’s death was due to an accident, but the attorney general’s office had not yet ordered the case closed.

VK’s defense also confirms that the singer appears in the investigation as a witness and was not investigated.

NS UOL He also contacted the defense of Jonathas Cruz, another friend of MC Kevin who was in the room at the time of the accident, but contrary to what Louise Bachee stated, Jonathas’ defense is not involved in the criminal complaint, which is only filed by VK’s attorney.

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