June 24, 2024

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Mom says she smells her daughter's clothes because she misses her

Mom says she smells her daughter’s clothes because she misses her

Ruth Moreira, the mother of Marilia Mendonca, She left her daughter’s room as is months after the plane crash that killed the country singerOn November 5, 2021. In an interview with “Domingo Espetacular”, shown on Sunday night, she stated that she still does not know what to do with the artist’s property and that she usually smells her clothes until she misses her.

“The room is exactly the same as before,” she said. “[Passar por ele] It’s a tough moment because it’s ahead of me. “I keep everything the way I left it,” he said.

The closet, full of looks the singer uses at parties and events, is where she goes when she misses her daughter. “I usually smell her clothes,” he says. “I still don’t know what to do because four months are too recent. My head is still [está confusa]…I’m working on this with the lawyers myself.”

Ruth also said that the clothes Marilia wore on the day of the accident still had oil marks on the plane and that Marilia’s son, Leon, determined that the pieces belonged to his mother, but that he would no longer look for them in her room.

Marilia cell phone

Ruth also showed that she found a photo of the moment of the accident, taken exactly at the time of the crash, at 15:17. Additionally, the cell phone contains a voice message that Marilia sent to Marisa, from the duet with Mayara, in the early hours of that day.

In the conversation the friend wrote: “Friend, I love you. I love you so much, do not forget that.” After that, Mary said in a joking tone, “Am I going to die? I’m scared now.”

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Ruth says her daughter lost her life doing something he loved. “You were not born to be a housewife, to be anything other than singing. You left a legacy, passed like a comet and made a path.”