October 4, 2023

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Talks about the game point to the dawning of the formation of the wall

Talks about the game point to the dawning of the formation of the wall

OhBBB 22″ (TV Globo) is getting closer and closer to the end, and after forming another wall, there are already participants preparing for the enemy last.

During the night, the agenda was only one for all members reality: match.

Come on guys! woman! Girl power!

While consoling Elazar for being on his first wall, Natalia Announce an ambitious crowd for the final term of the game. According to the sister, her greatest desire is to reach the top 8 only by women.

“I really want to get into the top 8 with the women,” the boxer declared.

BBB 22: So far in the top 12, Natalia is already thinking about the top eight

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Tense atmosphere between brothers

Laís doesn’t seem to like it at all. The speech Arthur gave to point her at the wall. On a spree with Slovenia, the doctor He claimed that he felt weak from the actor’s words.

The sister began to erupt: “I always feel weak.” “Every time he turns to me and says, ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about,’ as if he just knows. He can say.”

“Now, he turned around and said, ‘Keep on creating things that don’t exist.’ What did you say it doesn’t exist? Then he said something superficial,” continued the sister.

BBB 22: Walled by Arthur, Laís Complained About Her Brother's Justification While Forming The Wall - Clone / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 22: Walled up by Arthur, Lyce complained about her brother’s vindication while forming the wall

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Hit one, hurt another

Gustavo also took advantage of the dawn to Arthur criticizes Aguiar and says that the brother always uses the arguments he prefersin a conversation with Lace.

“Did he say I’m changing, that I’m performing straight?” said the doctor, jokingly. “How about that day we quarreled over the beast? There, he wasn’t alive, my dear.”

“You can be sure that coexistence will continue on my part.” Good morning, “Exchange one conversation or another, but we think differently. He thinks he did nothing wrong, and I think he did,” Gustavo argued in support of his sister.

“I haven’t seen him apologize to anyone on this show yet.”

BBB 22: Gustavo admits cohabitation with Arthur Aguiar continues

BBB 22: Gustavo admitted that cohabitation with Arthur Aguiar continues ‘for the sake of education’

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marked letter

After forming the wall, Layce and Douglas had a conversation, Where the doctor mentioned that the winner of the course has already been chosen.

Here there is already a winner, there is the correct order of who goes to the wall, who goes out and that’s it.
les caldas

Once again, DG calmed Gustavo’s girlfriend and said he was not bothered by the counterattack.

“Because I expected [ser indicado] around the house.”

After the conversation, the couple exchanged a heavy hug and Gustavo said as he watched the scene: “I’m glad that everything is fine, you two are on the podium.”

BBB 22: Laís and Douglas Silva Put the Drops on I After Forming the Ninth Wall - Clone / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 22: Laís and Douglas Silva put the drops on the i after forming the ninth wall

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cool and calculating

Lucas’ behavior was one of the last subjects of the lollipop dwellers before they got ready for bed. Eliezer, Brother’s Conduct ‘May be seen as a bad character’ outside of the BBB.

In my opinion, it goes to many values ​​to stay here. Act calm and calculating. When it’s good for him, he’s here. When there is no.”

Asked about Lucas’ situation, Slovenia, the brother’s case, admitted the fear: “I think so too, and that’s my fear.”

BBB 22: For Eliezer, Lucas Goes Where It Fits - Clone / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 22: Eliezer, Lucas ‘goes where it suits him’

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Expectations re-created

After the wall was formed, Lin da Quebrada and Giseilan had a conversation about priorities inside the house. Because of the different gameplay, Lina revealed it to her friend Prefer not to have expectations.

“This is where I see that I also need to think about my strategies, because I know that if I have a shootout in an instant, I can’t figure it out, I can’t expect it from you… I won I don’t expect you to save me and protect me,” the singer said. “.

Like I said, I’ve already made it clear that this is not how you play. I’d rather lower my expectations from you.”
Lyn da Quebrada

BBB 22: Lynn opens her heart to Jessilane - Reproduction / Globoplay - Reproduction / Globoplay

BBB 22: Lynn opens her heart to Jiseilan

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No popes in the tongue

Even before the result of the wall, the mood of the fourth sucker is already accepting the disposal of one of its members. at most, This is what Slovenia called Lais and Eliezer.

The Pernambuco native said, “For me, there’s not even a general manager in Paraídao, just the two of you. One of you will come out.”

It is not impossible, but I will prepare for the worst. “I can’t take it anymore,” she said.

BBB 22: Slovenia says Laís or Eliezer will be eliminated on the wall - Clone / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 22: Slovenia says Laís or Eliezer will be knocked out on the wall

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How much does friendship cost?

In a conversation with Laes, Gustavo and Pedro Skopje, Giselan commented on Slovenia’s approach to her, the surfer He was very honest in giving his opinion of what this would have led to.

I think it’s friendship for convenience. I hung up, there’s no way around it. There is only the person in front of you, what are you going to do? …no consciousness, but there were 10 people in their room. For them, that was enough.”
Pedro Scooby

BBB 22: Skopje shoots Slovenia:

BBB 22: Skopje films Slovenia: ‘Comfort’

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stone in shoe

During the night, Lucas Bisoli revealed that everyone involved in the house is likely to get his vote, but that Gustavo is your biggest concern right now.

“I have my votes. So, is it kind of random? No. Like I told you. There are people I don’t vote for. And the rest? I can vote for everyone. Anything is possible. Now my incumbent is Gustavo ‘not as a person, but as a player,'” the medical student revealed.

BBB 22: Lukas and Slovenia talk about sounds in the gym - cloning / Globoplay - cloning / Globoplay

BBB 22: Lucas and Slovenia talk about voting at the academy

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Who do you want to remove from “BBB 22”?

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