June 20, 2024

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Nadia Pessoa hesitates and hands over the name of "Ilha Record" to the finalist

Nadia Pessoa hesitates and hands over the name of “Ilha Record” to the finalist

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Nadia Pessoa sparked another controversy And, this time, out of reality Island Record. After the “Team Test” aired on Monday evening (23), a netizen posted about the participant I Borges Be one of the finalists in the show. Nadia I love the post young woman, raising doubts that the influencer is really in the final.

Netizen Andressa, who was the one who posted the post, stated in the post that Which has supposed benefits? Inside the program because it is managed by Sato Rahal Empreendimentos Artísticos, Sabrina Sato . Companygravity provider. Assuming, the Internet user posted a reason That is, you reach the final:

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“We already have an answer as to why the Any Factory made it to the Ilha final so being a dead fly in the game, and also why they always help out losers from exile with the dynamics. [Lucas] Sabrina manages selfies, the netizen said in a blog post on Twitter.

Then, Nadia Pessoa I love the girl’s post, raising suspicions that he supposedly confirmed that the influencer is indeed a finalist, plus he posted Some teasing for any: “I think she did, yeah, soft body, she actually admitted that she did on the exam. I knew there was no chance of her taking the challenge [da Sobrevivência]”, he said in the post, however, he has already deleted the post.

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The Grand Final will feature two champions, but only one will win the biggest prize, R$500,000, which will be the contender who presents the best in the competitions. The person chosen by the audience will win a prize of R$250,000. Participants are no longer confined, so they can watch the already recorded program and comment on social media.

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More controversy with Nadia

Nadia is known for controversy He has already starred in several shacks in the first version of Island Record. The last one was with her ex-girlfriend from confinement, merella seal. MC Loma’s friend won the special Survival Challenge and is back in the game after being second in the reality show season. The return was marred by confusion and screaming.

Mirella and Nadia They made a mess of insults in the master bedroom: “I don’t mean, you don’t know me. That’s just it. You called me mean [pelas costas]”Dancer accused. “I’d like to talk to your face, girl! You won’t be able to make me angry”Todo Nadja presenter replied.

NS “Ilha Record” is a reality format created by broadcaster Bishop Idir MacedoWhich consists of collecting 13 famous characters in a heavenly place while searching for adventures and prizes. By order of Sabrina SatoThe program recorded in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, will air Monday through Friday, from 10:45 p.m.

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