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Natalie Portman, Thor 4’s Jane Foster’s Muscles Are Real, Marvel Chief Says: ‘Strong’

Natalie Portman, Thor 4’s Jane Foster’s Muscles Are Real, Marvel Chief Says: ‘Strong’


The actress underwent a major body transformation that lasted 10 months to play a fictional character. The movie arrives in theaters July 7, 2022

Photo: Getty Images clone
Photo: Getty Images clone

Natalie Portmanto live Jane Foster From a feature film Thor: Love and ThunderAnd the She went through a long process of changing the body. It’s been about 10 months Lots of dedication, intense training and a diet focused on balanced nutrition that included protein shakes with the goal of gaining lean muscle mass to create a look that accompanies his partner on the scene. Chris Hemsworth, Thor.

Chief Marvel Kevin FeigeDuring an interview with movie totalensures that the only special effect used in Actress Natalie Portman by giving life to Jane Foster It was for your height: “The only thing that helped us was to make Mighty Thor a little taller. That was the only movie magic we used. Everything else was hers.”He said Kevin.

The use of the special effect was necessary because the actress is only 1.60 meters tall, at odds with the ideal height for the show. Thor partnerwhich is about 20 cm longer than Portman. In an interview with outlet diverseAnd the Natalie Portman She revealed how the production team managed to make her appear taller in character Jane Foster: “We rehearsed the scene, they saw the road, and then they built one with one foot [de distância] off the ground or whatever, and I just walked over it.”captured.

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The an actress Go ahead and talk about the importance of being physically prepared: “We had amazing moves that made things really difficult, but there was still a lot of running and jumping and sword and hammer fighting. It was definitely helpful to be strong. With that weight all day, you want to have some upper body strength.”