May 21, 2024

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Presenters of "Encontro", "Mais Você" and "É de Casa" talk about the new schedule starting in July |  TV and series

Presenters of “Encontro”, “Mais Você” and “É de Casa” talk about the new schedule starting in July | TV and series

Program presenters “Date”And the “more about you” And the “his home” He met at an event on Monday (27) to talk about changes to Globo’s Super Manhãs. Anna Maria BragaPatricia Poeta Manuel Soares Maria BeltrauThiago Oliveira, Talitha Moret and Rita Batista spoke to the press about the new schedules and expectations for the programmes.

The changes first appeared on the Fourth of July, when Patricia Boeta took over “Incontro” along with Manuel Soares. The show starts earlier, right after “Bom dia Brasil”, at 9:30 a.m., live from São Paulo. “You are more”, with Anna Maria BragaNext comes from 10:45 am before the first edition of the local bulletin which will start at 12:45.

Anna Maria Braga – Photo: Publicity / Globo / Kelly Fuzaro

During the event, Anna Maria said it was a great honor and a great opportunity to take advantage of this new schedule. “The challenge now is figuring out how to deal with the new audience, and we have everything to get there,” he says.

She also ensures she won’t put the 20-year-old’s “wake up girl” phrase aside. “What we do is almost magic, the ability to help people with an idea, a suggestion on how to take advantage of opportunities in these difficult times,” says the presenter. He adds, “The common phrase is just that. It’s not getting up from bed, it’s getting up for life, because sometimes people need a word of encouragement.”

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Patricia Poeta and Manuel Soares – Photo: Publicity / Globo / Kelly Fuzaro

Patricia Poeta, who started driving “Encontro”, admitted to being cold in Barrida for the news. “It gives us butterflies in our stomachs, because it’s another start, a new project. But it makes us feel alive. ‘Encontro’ is a very good mix of journalism and entertainment, it gives us the opportunity to be useful and interesting to people at the same time,” he says.

Manuel Soares, who will be by his side, spoke about the gravity responsibility, now, earlier. “We will start People’s Day. Our mission is strong, we are committed to making Brazilians Day more beautiful and happy. We know that people are following us in the hope of getting relevant information.

Now with a direct relocation from the capital of São Paulo, the attraction also features duo Michel Loreto and Valeria Almeida, with a “Bem-Estar” plaque, straight from the stage. The audience will also increase by about 80 people, the largest since the beginning of the pandemic.

Maria Beltrau – Photo: Publicity / Globo / Kelly Fuzaro

“Throughout my years as a reporter, I have learned a lot and gained maturity and diversity. It is an important step in my career, and an honor, and I am just grateful for the opportunity,” edited Talitha Morete.

“É de Casa” presenters – Photo: Disclosure / Globo / Kelly Fuzaro

Thiago Oliveira, who spent twelve years at Esporte, says it now looks like he’s starting from scratch. “My mission is to open doors, create hope and, above all, bring joy to Brazilian families. It is an honor to be able to do this alongside three great women,” said Thiago.

“My feeling is that I’m daydreaming. It’s so important to be in this place, to conquer this space and that’s why I’m so apprehensive and eager to learn. It would be a pleasure to be in our house, to conquer homes all over Brazil,” added Rita Batista.