June 12, 2024

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Nayara Azevedo feeling ill and rushing to the rescue before the show TV News

Nayara Azevedo feeling ill and rushing to the rescue before the show TV News

Nayara Azevedo Felt ill at a show in Rio Branco, Mato Grosso, on Saturday night (21). Before going on stage, the singer revealed that she had food poisoning, but at that moment the pain did not bother her much. The medical team needed to rescue Sertanega and take a drop before and after the performance.

“A lot of people ask me what I have: It’s food poisoning. Something I ate didn’t suit me. I’m going to have to do some food intolerance tests to find out what it is, because I always have it, it’s recurring. It’s time for me to take that test,” she commented Nayara before the show, in her Instagram Stories.

The former BBB didn’t want to upset fans and only told about her stint when she was back at the hotel. She revealed videos attended by nurses and her treatment in the locker room. “For you to have an idea, I had to take a serum before and after going on stage,” he lamented.

“I feel really bad, I have food poisoning, I haven’t slept at all from yesterday to today. Stomach pain, nausea, feeling bloated. I almost couldn’t finish the show because of so much pain,” Nayara wrote in an excerpt from the recordings.

Mwatana appeared on Twitter on Sunday (22) to reassure the masses. She mentioned that she is getting better and will fulfill her touring schedule.

“We passed by to thank everyone’s love and attention. I suffer from food poisoning, I should have had treatment before the show and also after the delivery. God uses angels and the medical staff to help me, in addition to sending me kind energies. And a lot of affection. Today there will be a show,” he thanked.

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Check out Naiara’s voice below: