May 30, 2024

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Fatima denies recording the Voice pilot: I didn't even talk to Boninho

Fatima denies recording the Voice pilot: I didn’t even talk to Boninho

Journalist Fatma Bernardes, 59, is 40 days away from finishing the 10-year course at the helm of “Encontro” (TV Globo) to delve into the challenge of replacing presenter Thiago Levert, 42, responsible for “The Voice”. The daily that bears his name indicates his desire for more free time to enjoy life and family.

In an interview with O Globo, Fatima said that she has yet to think of saying goodbye to gravity as she realizes that there is still a lot to do until the farewell party scheduled for June 30.

We plan a lot for every day of June. So, because of that practical part, I’ve been acting spontaneously, not thinking about goodbye itself. But last week I recorded what will be the opening of the special anniversary program, on the 24th [o programa completa dez anos no dia 25, mas cai num sábado]. Wow, I was so excited! It was like farewell to the Journal Nacional: a good feeling to finish one course and start another.
Fatima Bernardis

As of July 1, journalist Patricia Boeta, 45, has taken the position of presenter of the “Encontro” programme. Currently, Fatima has announced that she did not talk much about passing the baton with Patricia, but believes in the success of the replacement because she had already seen her before the program in her absence.

“Only by letter. I am fully engaged in the latest programmes, and she also works a lot at É de casa… But everything is very quiet. I had shoulder surgery (in October 2021), and I stayed there for six weeks ago, in I had cancer surgery (endometriosis, Dec 2020) too. Patricia spent long periods in the “Encontro”, she knows the team, she and Manoel. But, of course, closer (to the exchange) I’ll start talking about her more, chatting, because the ticket I became more than accomplished,” he commented.

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Fatima opens the game to explain that the decision to leave the “Encontro” is to have more free time to enjoy life. He stated that he understood that he needed to flip the switch after beating cancer, facing an epidemic and seeing his children travel abroad to study.

“It’s not that I was dissatisfied. Someone with a show named after him is working…this is of tremendous value! But my whole life has been a day job, I completed 35 years at TV Globo in February. 2020, with the pandemic, I started thinking about getting more Flexibility. “The meeting” has only been off air for a month. I have a house in the beach area, but I can’t do my home office, like many of us. The fact that I have cancer has made me see that we have to change our lives,” he justified.

The other thing is that my son went to study abroad. He has been in France for nearly two years [Vinicius estuda Engenharia da Computação em Paris] And I only have to go see him once. Now, Laura [outra filha, formada em Psicologia] Also looking forward to studying abroad. Baby [o deputado federal Túlio Gadêlha] He lives in two other cities [Recife e Brasília]. I realized I needed a more balanced list of what I owed and what I wanted to do. Any ride I take has to be in the middle of Friday afternoon, after the live show, and I have to come back on Sunday, and really get ready for Monday. My life has very little free time.
Fatima Bernardis

The proposal to act as a presenter for The Voice was submitted by TV Globo after the journalist expressed her desire to leave Incontro. For Fatima, the musical allure will be a challenge because she already has a “ready format”.

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Very honestly, this proposal was made to me. I don’t want The Voice. I just wanted a new transition into entertainment. When the idea came, I thought it was pretty cool, because I’ve always struggled so hard for my show to have music every day. It is not easy to rely on the singers and the band in the early morning, they are used to working at night and at dawn. But today they love space and understand its importance. Also, now I will try to create a program in a ready-made format, because “Encontro” was created by me and several people together. I have no idea what it will be like.
Fatima Bernardis

The journalist took the opportunity to deny the rumors that the pilot of “The Voice” would not have fallen into Zouk in the direction of Carioca Station. He concluded: “Nothing! They said I scored it, right? I haven’t spoken to Boninho yet! I don’t even know who the coaches are for next season, and I know absolutely nothing about ‘Voice’.”