June 23, 2024

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New lease prices more than doubled in inflation in June |  Globo newspaper

New lease prices more than doubled in inflation in June | Globo newspaper

According to the FipeZap Index, which monitors monthly rental prices in 25 Brazilian cities, the average rent inflation detected in June, at 1.58%, is more than double IPCA For the month – this is in the new lease agreements.

Among the 11 capitals that are part of the watch, only in Porto Alegre And the Goiania The increase was less than official inflation. In the two largest real estate markets in the country, Rio and Sao Paulothe increase exceeded IPCA.

In the 12-month period, the residential rents index also outperformed official inflation. – Photo: clone

Index coordinator Alison Oliveira said the sharp rise in rents is due to homeowners moving to make up for losses during the pandemic.

“We are seeing an increase in the economy and a lot of prices. People spend more on food, transportation and fuel, and it turns out that property owners are also accustomed to receiving this income and consuming goods in the market. As the rent index varied some time ago lower than the IPCA, we are now seeing a recovery in rents,” explains Allison.

The survey also indicates that coastal cities have recorded some of the highest increases in rents in the past 12 months, as in Florianopolis.

The explanation, according to the research coordinator, may lie in changes in habits caused by the epidemic and remote work.