July 20, 2024

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New rules for food vouchers and meal vouchers go into effect

New rules for food vouchers and meal vouchers go into effect

The federal government has made some important changes in terms of business rules, around a thousand business rules have been reduced to 15, in addition to another point that has drawn and still attracts a lot of attention is the changes and flexibility in food vouchers and meal vouchers.

The changes were published by the government in November last year, as part of Decree No. 10.854 / 21, which includes significant changes not only for workers, but also for employers, companies responsible for food stamps and businesses.

Changes to food stamps for workers

To ensure flexibility in the use of food stamps and to expand their coverage, the government decree states that businesses that receive food stamps as a form of payment begin to accept all cards without restrictions or brand discrimination.

Thus, establishments such as markets and restaurants that accept a particular flag must accept all flags, making life easier and more flexible for those with food and meal vouchers.

In the case of card operators, they will, in turn, allow the balances accumulated with one brand to be transferred free of charge to another card.

Therefore, workers would have freedom of choice, and the ability to go to establishments that were closer to their homes, with lower product values, without having to worry about whether the establishment knowingly accepted their food stamp.

The changes, according to the government, will stimulate greater competition in the sector, which will subsequently lead to better quality and technology in the services provided.

Changes in corporate food coupons

On the other hand, companies that provide food or meal vouchers to their employees will not be able to request or receive discounts when hiring benefit operators.

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This determination has the clear objective of contributing so that the choice of supplier prioritizes a solution that is in fact more beneficial to the contracting party, not just the motivation of discounts.

Therefore, all companies registered in the PAT (Worker Catering Program) are subject to the new rules imposed by the decree. The deadline for the change is already in effect and companies have until May 2023 to adjust.

Finally, it is important to note that PAT-related companies will continue to offer tax incentives, however, they will have to implement a food program for their employees and will be under the oversight of the Ministry of Labor.

government goal

For the government, the publication of the decree aims to open the market to food stamp companies, which are vertically focused.

According to government officials, the sector is currently dominated by only four large companies, being responsible for the entire process, starting with the signing of the agreement.

In addition, they usually charge different fees for loyalty, use of the system and machines, which are the main complaints of small enterprises.

Therefore, with the new changes, card companies such as Mastercard, Visa and even IFood will be able to register businesses.