September 28, 2023

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New strategy lets you get rid of telemarketing calls for good

New strategy lets you get rid of telemarketing calls for good

Anatel’s new meter can help you avoid telemarketing calls

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Tired of receiving telemarketing calls? Know that this may be near the end! An action by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) will allow you to easily identify these inconvenient calls. Now understand how Anatel’s strategy works!

Anatel has implemented the mandatory prefix 0303 for all telemarketing calls. The measure came into effect on March 10 this year.

Previously, most calls of this type had the prefix 011, as they were made from São Paulo. It ended up hurting those who were waiting for a call with that area code or those who were from the provider’s country and needed to call someone and were not answered.

However, with the aim of putting an end to this uncomfortable situation, Anatel has set the mandatory prefix 0303 for all telemarketing calls made by mobile phones. On June 8, the rule began specifying that calls made from landlines were also required to include the prefix.

How to block telemarketing calls?

The action by Anatel makes it easier to identify telemarketing calls, but does not stop them. However, some platforms can help you put an end to these annoying calls once and for all. Check out two of them now!

  • do not call me: This is a service provided by Procon in the state of São Paulo. By registering on this site, your cell phone number goes directly to a list that blocks telemarketing calls. Through it, it is also possible to indicate communication channels that do not respect the mass.
  • do not bother me: This is a website of the Federal Government covering the whole of Brazil. By registering on it, your number will be on the banned list within 30 days.

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