September 29, 2023

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3 motivos que fazem o empréstimo do Caixa Tem ser negado

3 Reasons to Reject a Caixa Tem Loan

at recent days , Federal Savings Bank Launched the Simplifying Digital Microcredit Program for Entrepreneurs (SIM Digital). This method offers up to 3 thousand Brazilian riyals in loan By Caixa Tem for individuals and individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) who want to improve their businesses.

However, as far as Caixa Team offers credit In an easy way, clients claim that the establishment has been denying many appointments. Therefore, in this post, we have broken down some of the factors on which your proposal may be rejected. paying off!

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Reasons for rejection of Caixa Tem loan

1. Having debts that exceeded 3 thousand Brazilian riyals in January 2022

Even those who have the right profile to hire loan From Caixa Tem, credit can still be refused in the case of those with accounts over 3 thousand RRL on January 31, 2022, excluding mortgage.

MTP Order Code 660 illustrates this situation:

Individuals or individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI) who have credit operations in Banks With credit operations in banks with a total sum greater than 3,000 Brazilian riyals are not eligible to contract on credit.

2. Do not fit into YES’s proposal as an entrepreneur

The goal of the Caixa Tem SIM digital microcredit is to promote entrepreneurship and formalize small businesses. Therefore, the method is intended for this group and should not be used to pay personal bills.

Therefore, if you do not fit the specified profile, it is recommended to rent the traditional Caixa Tem credit, which was supplied last year. The interest rates are R $ 3.99% per month, while in the digital SIM it is from 1.95% and 1.99% per month.

3. Not to be subject to the automatic analysis conducted by the application

When you take out a loan through SIM Digital, your information is automatically evaluated. Therefore, at the time of filling in the data, you may have entered incorrect information and the result may be that the application is rejected.

However, be aware that it is possible to update the registry, correct the error, and resume the 10-day approval deadline.

It is worth noting that the credit release requirements by Caixa are used as a reference for user registration information, credit history, and income, among other things.

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