June 24, 2024

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Neymar's ex-mother opens up about the celebrity's new relationship and explodes: "What she deserves"

Neymar’s ex-mother opens up about the celebrity’s new relationship and explodes: “What she deserves”

Thiago Ramos, Neymar’s ex-mother, publicly comments on the celebrity’s new relationship and surprises by showing her maturity

Thiago Ramosex-boyfriend of mom Neymar, commented publicly on social media about the celebrity’s new relationship. Amid the ups and downs of his relationship with the muse, he surprised her by showing his maturity, saying he wanted the best for Neymãe.

“Is it true that you were angry about Nadine’s new relationship?”, asked one netizen, after the footballer opened a question box on his Instagram. For those who do not know, some rumors appeared in the media about the possible new outbreak of the celebrity, upon discovering the news.

“Never! It’s crazy.. I want her to be very happy and I hope she has someone who deserves her, right. I hope she is very happy and God bless.”Thiago Ramos said.

However, according to Extra, the boy’s maturity is just a strategy to beat Nadine Gonsalves again. He has been commenting on several posts by Neymar’s mother and trying to meet him again recently.

“He wants to show that he has changed, that he has matured for some time now. Thiago thinks he has a chance because he says she still loves him.” A source close to the car explained.

GLOBO Reporter Receives Staff Release

Gabriel Louisea Globo reporter who was stabbed outside his home in Brasilia, has finally been released from hospital. And the professional was taken to the hospital for exactly 23 days, explaining his current situation and thanking his followers through social media..

“I very much hoped that date would come soon, for my layoff to arrive soon, and at last it did. I still kinda unresponsive to everything that’s going on. They’ve been tough, intense days, but they’re over”said the journalist.

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