October 2, 2023

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PA posts a bikini model on Instagram and says she was hacked

A post posted by former BBB Paulo André on Saturday afternoon (7/5) made a splash on social media. The athlete, in Instagram stories, reposted a photo of a model in a bikini and a few minutes after the event, he deleted the post saying it had been hacked. The excuse was not well accepted by Jadré fans (a chip between Paulo Andre and Jade Bacon) and it’s under fire on the internet.

Via Twitter, PA said he was hacked: “Insta has been hacked, just what I need. Yeah…it’s definitely a lie. I have no idea what’s going on…I was at the mall eating lunch and taking pictures with the guys when they called me saying that There’s a pause in my stories, a profile picture I’ve never seen in my life.”

In addition to these written letters, a friend of Pedro Scobe left an audio explaining what happened. “Speak up guys. I don’t know what happened, if it was by mistake, if I was really hacked. While it’s being hacked, my team is already moving in there. I already thought it was hacked, so I posted it. I was having lunch at the mall. When my brother called me, that was the first thing I thought of.”

Most of the athlete’s followers responded to the famous saying that it is better for him to admit that he accidentally shared the image of the woman than to invent such a lie. Many Jade Picon fans were upset with this post. “Paulo Andre shared a photo of a model on Instagram,” one netizen said.

At the column’s request, Paulo’s office had not responded to messages until this article was published.

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