September 29, 2023

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Nintendo Switch Lite Officially Launched in Brazil

Nintendo Switch Lite Officially Launched in Brazil

Although it is already traded in the country through import, Nintendo Switch Lite, the compact version of the latest console from the dear gaming company, has not yet been officially launched in Brazil. Today, this situation has changed. October 1Certainly the arrival of the beautiful device to the Brazilian territory.

In a press release, it was confirmed that the laptop is now available in both physical and virtual stores. Suggested price for the console is R $ 1,899 The device is equipped with an AC adapter compatible with Brazil, as well as a Switch Lite Quick Start flyer translated into Portuguese.

Altogether, there are three colors available for purchase, namely Yellow, turquoise and coral. And as fans already know, despite being a more compact version, the video game is compatible with all games from Nintendo Switch Library It can be played in portable mode.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has finally arrived in Brazil!

It is worth noting that although it was launched in 2017, the Nintendo Switch you’re gone It was officially launched in Brazil in September last yearIt arrived in an “official” imported way, which explained its price at about three thousand riyals.

Below, see 10 reasons to get a file Nintendo Switch:

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