May 30, 2024

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Nobody beats Mega Sina and the prize goes to 35 million Brazilian riyals - National

Nobody beats Mega Sina and the prize goes to 35 million Brazilian riyals – National

The numbers drawn were: 10-12-26-29-35-60 (Photo: Agência Brasil)

No one agreed with the result of the Mega-Sena competition, 2415, which was held on Saturday (2/10), at Espao Loterias Caixa, at the Tiet bus station, in So Paulo. The prize is now pooled at R$35 million.

The numbers drawn were: 10-12-26-29-35-60. There were 61 bets that matched five numbers and each ticket would get you R$45,100. Those who scored four points – 4.7 thousand bets – will receive 824 R$.

See below lottery plot today:

what or what

Quina, which received a prize of 10.8 million Brazilian riyals for whoever gets the five scores, the following numbers were drawn: 31-28-59-53-24.

double sina

Dupla Sena drew the following numbers: 36-49-20-48-25-46 in the first draw; 41-25-31-35-40-39 in the second draw. The expected first prize is 1.6 million R$. The estimated prize for the second draw is R$55,957.56.


Lotofcell, whose expected prize was R$1.6 million for whoever matches 15 numbers, has drawn the following dozens: 01-15-12-11-04-03-16-21-05-07-08-10-13 -19- 02.

lucky day

With a prize of 300,000 Brazilian riyals for whoever achieved the seven scores, the lucky day had the following result: 15-01-17-18-08-02-05. The lucky month is May.

Team Mania

Timemania, with an estimated prize of R$ 2.9 million, presented the following result: 75-71-45-02-24-72-30. The heart team is Flamengo, from Rio de Janeiro.

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